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Fists in Solidarity


Stang-up Meeting

We Foster Common Vision

Creating Powerful Results

Investing in coalition and community-building around public policy issues that advance youth justice.

We have brought coalitions together working for youth justice.

The Children’s Policy and Law Initiative of Indiana collaborates with community partners to provide expert knowledge, conduct research, arrange workshops and conferences, and promote community-led efforts to improve policies, practices, and programs for children. We strive to connect public policy reform with policy development, education, collaboration, alliance building, advocacy, and evaluation to address critical concerns affecting children. The organization serves as a statewide resource for reforming laws related to children and works to reduce the number of children entering the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

Waiting Room

Uniting for Youth Justice

CPLI routinely convenes community stakeholders to collaborate on important public policy issues for children. Two of our standing initiatives are the Indiana Coalition for Youth Justice and the Comprehensive Student Supports Coalition.

Become a member of the Indiana Coalition for Youth Justice. Obtain the ICYJ Vision Statement here. To find out more, send us an email at

Comprehensive Student Supports Coalition

The Comprehensive Student Supports Coalition is working to improve youth's access to school counselors, social workers, psychologists, nurses, and community mentors in schools. To join, send us an email at

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